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Please fill out the following form and send to us. With any questions, please contact our office at (732) 396-0357.

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* Minimum 100 bags per pick up. If collection is less than 100 bags, A&E Clothing Corp. reserves right to reschedule pick up date for more convenient time (once having another pick up in the area).* 
* Minimum for CT, DE, RI, MD is 200 bags per pick up due to the greater distance. * 
*Approx. count of collected bags is required to be reported to our office at # 732-396-0357 prior to arrival of our truck.* 
***Please note that all clothing has to be in wearable usable condition *** 
We will not pick up wet clothing. 
If You have any problem with above electronic form, please download, print and fax or email us this application: >>reservation.pdf<<