Our fundraising program has started in 1998 and since then our program has evolved. We started collecting in New Jersey locally and then we branched out all over the state. We now not only collect from our home state but also nearby states due to high demand in fundraisers. Our fundraising program aids in providing additional financial means to organizations, schools and clubs who need support in their activities.

Our average collections have raised about $500-$1000 for programs. Depending on the responses from students and parents some clubs, teams, organizations, and schools have even raised over $6,000 for their program! Currently we are working with over 1140 organizations, schools, and clubs. This is such a growing program because itís simple, itís safe, and itís quick! In the past year we had over 640 collections!

This is a quick and easy way to Fundraise! Just organize Friends and Family to donate clothing to your organization and we will pick it up on your pick up date and send a check in the mail to you within 10 business days.

This is one of the best and safest ways to organize a fundraiser! You donít have to worry about your kids going door to door selling merchandise nor do you have to worry about them standing on the street canning!

Itís EASY to apply just fill out an application and send it to us!

Just think you can raise a couple hundred or thousand dollars in ONE Day!