We no longer accept baby gear, books or pots and pans.

About Us

A&E Clothing Corporation specializes in processing used clothing and other used goods. We provide services for organizations, charities, schools, clubs, teams, and businesses. For more about our history and mission statement please click the link at the top of the page "History & Mission". We have been doing fundraisers since 1998, so lets get started with your Fundraiser!

Easy As 123!

So you want to do a fundraiser and "What Now?" Its really easy here is what you do... **For those of you who are familiar with our website we have changed a few things to make it easier for you to navigate on our website. So here is a helpful run down.**

1. You need to form a Login account. This is at the top right of the page. For new users you can form a new log as well. No need to call in advance for a Login Password you can enter one yourself!

2. Fill out an Application form and send it to us. You can print out the application and fax it to us, email, or mail it to us! You can print out the application on the Application link at the top of the page.

3. You need to enter a date and time for a requested pick up. Please also enter an alternative date just incase your first pick collides with our schedule. (The sooner you chose a pick up date the better chance of getting the date and time you request). No need to call in advance, once we receive and confirm your pick up date and time you will receive a notification in your email and a confirmation on your login account.

4. Once you have received your confirmation, you can advertise for your FuNdRaIsEr!!! We have a "Fliers" link at the top of the page and you can download and print out any fliers you want or you could make your own and hand them out to people or place them all over. The more people that hear about your Fundraiser the more will participate!

5. We will call to confirm your pick up the day before or you can call us. *** VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE A BAG COUNT ON THE DAY BEFORE YOUR PICK UP IF YOU HAVE ALREADY STARTED TO COLLECT BAGS*** Wait for our truck to arrive on the day of pick up.

6. By the end of the following day you should be able to review on your account how many pounds you have collected! If your pick up is on a Friday, Saturday, or by any chance on Sunday, PLEASE wait to check your account for pounds by the end of Monday. ** YOUR CHECK WILL MAILED WITHIN 1 WEEK**