Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you do with the clothing?

A: We sort and process the clothing into different categories and then ship it to developing countries who have a need for used clothing.

Q: Can you give out tax reduction receipts?

A: No, we do not give out tax reduction receipts because we do pay for clothing. You donate clothes towards the organization and they give us the clothing in exchange for money. Your organization should be able to issue a tax reduction. We are not on non profit status, therefore as a corporation we are not authorized to issue tax receipts.

Q: Do you need volunteers to help load the truck upon arrival?

A: Yes! The more volunteers the better! The more people you get the more fun it will be and the quicker you will be done loading.

Q: Do you take CDs, books, and VCR tapes?

A: No, we do not collect these items because they are easily breakable.

Q: Do you take hard toys?

A: Yes, we take hard toys but, they should not exceed over the size of 24x24. Hard toys should also be packed into boxes rather than in bags, soft toys can be put into plastic bags.

Q. What happens if there is less than 100 bags collected?

A. We will reserve a pick up once having another collection in your area (within the next few days). We require a 100 bag minimum to keep the costs of fuel down and production of CO2 into the atmosphere. We are a recycling company and keeping our planet clean is part of our mission.

Q. Should we pack clothing, shoes, and toys seperately?

A. No, only hard toys (to prevent from breaking) should be packed in boxes seperately No bigger than 24X24.

Q. What size of bags do you have in mind?

A. Standard size kitchen bags approximately 13 gallon (garbage bags) or any drawstring garbage bag. There is no specific color and we will take construction size (30 gallon) bags as well.